Задания на 1 Тур II Всероссийской дистанционной олимпиады по английскому языку для 3-4 кл

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Блок А.

Прочтите текст и заполните пропуски правильными вариантами ответов.
Read the text and fill in the gaps with the right words.

School starts … (1) eight in the morning. My Mom wakes me up at 6.30. I yawn and get out of bed. I get dressed and eat … (2). I eat a bowl of cereal … (3) breakfast. I also eat … (4) banana. … (5) I drink a glass of orange juice and eat a piece of toast with butter on it. I brush my … (6) and walk outside to the school bus stop. It … (7) two blocks away. I get to school at 7.30.

When I come … (8) from school, I … (9) my homework and go to play with my friends.  We usually play … (10).


1.      a) at                           b) in                            c) on

2.      a) lunch                      b) dinner                     c) breakfast

3.      a) on                           b) for                          c) at

4.      a) an                           b) a                             c) the

5.      a) than                        b) then                                    c) they

6.      a) tooth                      b) teeths                     c) teeth

7.      a) am                          b) is                             c) are

8.      a) home                      b) to home                  c) to house

9.      a) take                        b) make                      c) do

10.  a) football                  b) the football            c) in football


Блок Б. 


Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

Choose the correct answer.

1.      … three people in my family.
            a) There are  b) They are  c) There is

2.      Where … study?
            a) do you  b) you  c) does you

3.      My grandmother … television every evening.
            a) watches  b) sees  c) looks

4.      My father isn't … . He is at work.
            a) at the home  b) in home  c) at home

5.      She can't go for a walk now. She …her homework.
            a) does  b) doing  c) is doing

6.      … wife is a doctor.
            a) Jame’s   b) James  c) James'

7.      I read books … the evenings.
            a) in   b) at  c) on

8.      There is … pepper on the table.
a) some  b) any  c) an

9.      … have a cup of tea?
            a) Can I  b) I can  c) Am I

10.  … eat salad and pizza.
            a) They  b) She  c) He


Блок В.

Прочтите текст и ответьте на вопросы.

Read the text and answer the questions.


Terry had a bulldog. The dog’s name was Spike. Spike had a wrinkled face. His eyes were very big. He was brown and white. Spike was not tall. He was short. Spike was not thin. He was thick. Mom did not like Spike. She thought Spike was ugly. Dad did not like Spike. He thought Spike was loud. Jane was Terry’s sister. She thought Spike was cute. Spike was a good dog.

Use the information in the story to answer the questions below.

1.  Who has a bulldog?

            A.  Terry
            B.  Jane
            C.  Mom
            D.  Dad

2.  What is the bulldog’s name?

            A.  Susan
            B.  Spit
            C.  Steak
            D.  Spike

3.  What colors is Spike?

            A.  black and white
            B.  brown and white
            C.  white and yellow
            D.  black and brown

4.  Who thinks Spike is loud?

            A.  Terry
            B.  Jane
            C.  Mom
            D.  Dad

5.  Who thinks Spike is cute?

            A.  Terry
            B.  Jane
            C.  Mom
            D.  Dad


Блок Г.  


Угадайте слово.

Guess the word.

1.      My first is a preposition.
My second is a synonym of “receive”.
My whole is the antonym of “remember”.

2.      My first is a verb which helps to make tenses.
My second is not high but its antonym.
My whole is the antonym of above.

3.      My first is the indefinite article.
My second is the synonym of “wide”.
My whole means in a foreign country.