Задания на 1 Тур II Всероссийской дистанционной олимпиады по английскому языку для 5-6 кл

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Блок А. 

Read the article about two sisters. Are the sentences “Right” or “Wrong”?

If there is not enough information to answer “Right” or “Wrong”, choose “Doesn’t say”.

Something very strange happened to Tamara. She never knew she had a twin sister until she started university!

Tamara was born in Mexico. Her parents could not look after her so she went to live with a family in Manhattan, USA.

When Tamara was twenty years old, she started university in Long Island. She enjoyed her university life. But one day she was walking home from class, and a student smiled at her. “Hello Adriana!” said the student. “I’m not Adriana,” said Tamara.

This happened to Tamara again and again. People Tamara didn’t know kept calling her Adriana. It was very strange. One day, when a woman called her Adriana, Tamara asked “Why do you keep calling me Adriana?”

The woman replied, “You look like my friend Adriana. You have the same face and the same hair. Is Adriana your sister?” Tamara said that she did not have a sister called Adriana. But she was interested in this girl Adriana. Finally she asked someone for Adriana’s email address.

When Tamara wrote to Adriana, she found out that they both had the same birthday, they looked the same and both of them were from Mexico.When Tamara went to live with the family in Manhattan, Adriana moved to Long Island to live with a family there. It had to be true! Adriana and Tamara were twin sisters!

1. Tamara and her sister were both born in Mexico.
            a) Right           b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

2. Tamara’s parents moved from Mexico to Manhattan.
            a) Right           b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

3. People called Tamara “Adriana” many times.
            a) Right           b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

4. Adriana wrote to Tamara first.
            a) Right           b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

5. Adriana always knew she had a twin sister.
             a) Right          b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

6. Adriana is Tamara’s only sister.
             a) Right          b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

7. Adriana was a student at Long Island University.
             a) Right          b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

8. Adriana had only recently arrived in Long Island.

           a) Right            b) Wrong        c) Doesn’t say

Блок Б.

Choose the correct variant.

1. When … you buy that lovely necklace?
            a) did              b) was             c) were

2. There aren't … foreign students at my school.
            a) any              b) many          c) no

3. There are no lessons … Friday afternoon.
            a) at                b) in                c) on

4. Look! It … .
            a) rains           b) rained         c) is raining

5. I don't like … jokes.
            a) hers            b) her              c) her's

6. Tom has … finished his work.
            a) still              b) already       c) yet

7. … you ever a film in which a train crashed or a ship sank?
            a) Did … see               b) Have … seen           c) Do … see

8. I go … by a school bus.
            a) home          b) to home      c) to the home

9. How … is London from Paris?
            a) far               b) long            c) much

10. Can you turn … the lights before you go out?
            a) away           b) off               c) up

Блок В.

Complete the conversations. Choose the correct answer.

1. What time does it finish?
            a) I'm not sure  b) It takes 15 minutes  c) On Thursday

2. How often do you go hiking?
            a) I go with three friends       b) We stay for a weekend      c) Most weekends

3. Are you looking forward to your holidays?
            a) Yes, I'm really excited about it      b) We are going to China       c) Not to worry

4. Would you like a cup of tea?
            a) I'd love one            b) Yes, I like tea          c) Sorry, I'm not

5. Would you like some more dessert?
            a) Enjoy your meal     b) It's delicious           c) No, thanks, I'm full

Блок Г.

Do you know London? Read the sentences and find the correct answer.

1. Whose statue stands on the column in the middle of Trafalgar Square?

A. Lord Admiral Nelson

B. General Kitchener

C. Sir Francis Drake

D. Sir Walter Raleigh

2. Where does the Prime Minister of Great Britain live?

A. The Palace of Westminster

B. Clarence House

C. 10 Downing Street

D. Buckingham Palace

3. Where would you find the National Gallery?

A. South Kensington

B. Trafalgar Square

C. Oxford Street

D. Whitehall

4. Traditionally, which part of London do Cockneys live?

A. West End of London

B. North London

C. East End of London

D. South London

5. Which great London cathedral was built by Sir Christopher Wren?

A. St Paul's Cathedral

B. Westminster Cathedral

C. Westminster Abbey

D. Southwark Cathedral

6. Where in London are the Crown Jewels kept and displayed?

A. Buckingham Palace
B. Houses of Parliament
C. Tower of London
D. Victoria & Albert Museum

7. What is the popular name for London's Underground Rail system?

A. The Circle

B. The Metro

C. The Subway

D. The Tube

8. For what special celebration was the London Eye built?

A. The Queen's Golden Jubilee?

B. The Millennium celebrations of the year 2000

C. The Battle of Britain

D. The wedding of Prince Charles to Diana

9. In which London park would you find Speakers' Corner?

A. Battersea Park

B. Hyde Park

C. Regents Park

D. St James's Park

10. Which world famous department store would you find in Knightsbridge?

A. Dickens and Jones

B. Harrods

C. Harvey Nichols

D. Libertys