Задания на 1 Тур II Всероссийской дистанционной олимпиады по английскому языку для 9-11 классов

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Блок A.
Choose the correct answer.

1. We are going to the theater tomorrow … it is too late to book tickets.
  a) when
  b) if
  c) unless

2. If only she … what she was doing!
  a) know
  b) knew
  c) known

3. What did you … do in your last employment?
  a) would
  b) use to
  c) used to

4. I wish I … home earlier last night. I'm so tired today.
  a) was going
  b) went
  c) had gone

5. She woke with a bad stomach ache. It … something she'd eaten.
  a) should have been
  b) must have been
  c) would have been

6. If you have any valuables, you … leave them in the hotel safe.
  a) shouldn't
  b) need to
  c) don't have to

7. Don't forget to post the letters … you go out.
  a) after
  b) if
  c) as soon as

8. You'll get overweight if you … so many snacks in the day.
 a) ate
 b) eat
 c) eaten

9. If he … a second time, he wouldn't have succeeded.
  a) wasn't tried
  b) wouldn't have tried
  c) hadn't tried

10. My brother got lost in … Alps and had to be rescued.
 a) the
 b) a
 c)   -


Блок Б. What’s the Right Verb?

Fill in the gaps with the words in the box.


1. Can you … over to our place on Saturday?

a. give

2. Don't worry. The scandal will soon … over.

b. come

3. It's been hard for her to … over the loss of her husband.

c. take

4. Who will … over the company when the boss dies?

d. boil

5. We must … over the applications before we hire someone.

e. look

6. You should have paid more attention not to let the milk … over.

f. turn

7. A snowmobile isn't really stable. It might … over and hurt you badly.

g. get

8. Be strong! You can't … yourself over to despair.

h. blow


Блок В.

Read the text and choose the best word to fill the spaces.

Radio signals

The first radio signals were sent twenty years after …  (1). The first person …  (2) such signals was the Italian Guglielmo Marconi. His first radio transmissions were only sent about one mile, but Marconi … (3) that the technology had great potential. He approached the Italian government with his invention. However, the Italian government turned it down, .. (4) Marconi moved to England to continue his experiments. In 1899 he opened his first radio factory, and … (5) two years, he had established a radio link between Britain and the USA. However, Marconi’s ‘wireless telegraph’ only …  (6) signals in the form of Morse code or ‘dots and dashes’. These transmissions were useful for communication between ships, but were …  (7) the radio broadcasts we hear today. Voices were not heard over the radio …  (8) 1921.



1.  a) the telephone was invented

     b) was invented the telephone

     c) the telephone's invention

     d) invention of


2. a) to send

    b) who sends

    c) send

   d) to sent


3. a) reminded

   b) identified

   c) realized

  d) detected


4. a) because

   b) although

   c) so

  d) additionally


5. a) within

    b) among

   c) between

   d) by


6. a) was transmitted

   b) had been transmitted

  c) has transmitted

  d) transmitted


7. a) dislike

    b) not unlike

 c) different

 d) nothing like


8. a) until

   b) since

   c) by

 d) from


Блок Г.

Choose the correct answer.

1. The USA is the federal union of … independent states.

a) 40

b) 50

c) 60

d) 100


2. The most recent state to join the union was … .

a) Hawaii

b) Alaska

c) Puerto Rico

d) Texas


3. … was the first president of the USA.

a) Abraham Lincoln

b) George Washington

c) John Kennedy

d) Walt Disney


4. Who was the president at the time of the American Civil War?

a) Robert E Lee

b) George Washington

c) Abraham Lincoln

d) Nelson Rockerfeller


5. The biggest state is … .

a) California

b) Texas

c) Arizona

d) Alaska


6. You can visit Monument Valley in … .

a) Alabama

b) Texas

c)  Arizona

d) Oklahoma


7. The Everglades are in … .

a) Florida

b) California

c) Alabama

d) Georgia


8. The longest river in the USA is the … .

a) Missouri

b) Mississippi

c) Rio Grande

d) Yukon